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What Sets Quantum Mobile Systems Apart?

Quantum Mobile Systems was born out of the need for companies operating in the fast paced, detail oriented world of resale in the mobile industry. QMS consists of a full custom suite of different applications that were built from the ground up to help facilitate the operational challenges that exist with mobile electronics, and have a central focus on the Apple ecosystem of products. With over half a decade of experience in the consumer electronics resale business, on both a retail and wholesale level, our team has first hand knowledge on how challenging this industry can be. Through our own operations, our team built Quantum Mobile Systems from the ground up with the goal of solving these common paint points and operational difficulties that exist among a number of different businesses in this industry. Having started out preparing, testing, and recording key specifications from devices manually, we were able to address many of the gaps and issues that businesses are typically plagued by. We also took the time to use other industry leading solutions on the market to fix, re-design, and optimize the shortfalls that we identified in other solutions. Making resale easier and faster will always be at the core of our business, because we have already proven that we can do that successfully. It’s in our DNA and will continue to be the fuel in making QMS the absolute best possible system for running your business. We are excited to work with you and let you experience first-hand why quantum mobile systems will put your business a step above the competition.

Compatible with all Apple products - iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, or Mac

The Quantum Advantage

It's geared and fine tuned for Apple.

While operating in the resale market, our core focus, expertise, and competency has always been with Apple products. Maybe this is a reflection of our passion for Apple that has existed ever since the first iPod was announced nearly two decades ago, and maybe it’s a reflection of Apple’s substantial rise in the U.S. market share of smartphone users, of which is now #1. We have bought, processed through QMS, and sold thousands of Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, Watches and Computers.

Built to Run on Mac.

We knew that in order to build the best possible product to process the entire eco-system of Apple devices, we would need to build it on a Mac — so we did. Our software only runs on a Mac, and we are extremely proud of that. This has enabled us to build an extremely fast, simple, and elegant solution, while also ensuring that we wouldn’t need to take any shortcuts or compromises in development.

We will give you the hardware needed.

We are so confident in our software and the positive impact that it will have on your business, that we are going to provide you with all the necessary hardware to run the Quantum Mobile Systems applications. We understand that not everyone is familiar with the Mac operating system and there are some common misunderstandings surrounding Macs, of which, they are too expensive, lacking functionality, and not for business. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and that’s why we are going to put our money where our mouth is, and provide all of our clients with Apple’s latest and newest Mac Mini to run our software on, no money down.

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Simple Design, Sophisticated Features

Software built by those in the industry, for wholesale or retail. Designed with high volume and accuracy in mind, we make device identification, diagnostics, and data wipe simple.

Battery Health

Automated capacity check against the original design capacity. Align your standards to the same 80% standard that Apple has, or choose your own percentage in the software for what your company deems to be an impaired battery.

Lock Detection

Automated detection of FMI locks, MDM locks, carrier sim locks, and barred ESNs.

Touch ID

Automatically detect devices with a Touch ID failure, eliminating the need to manually test and check the Touch ID functionality.

Data Erasure

Securely erase and restore devices with the ability to automatically generate data wipe certificates in compliance with R2 standards and guidelines.


Flexibility to fine tune the applications to your precise workflow, settings, user permissions, company standards and data.


Ability to run reports and generate CSVs based on specific purchase orders. Sort and filter by devices by a specific state of your workflow, or search for a specific IMEI or serial number to generate historical records and information needed for your operations or vendors.


Use our existing database of over 10,000 models which were meticulously added from actual devices we have resold, or choose build your own with your own data. You can have confidence in the data knowing that it was meticulously built from scratch with actual devices that we resold at the retail and wholesale level. We are constantly adding new models as we encounter and process them instead of relying on third party libraries which are often incomplete and contain lots of inaccuracies.


Automatically prepare and set up devices so you don’t have to spend time swiping through set-up screens and menus. Skip from the iOS hello screen to home screen with zero on-screen touches.

Bulk Processing

Process and label up to 96 devices at a time with a single machine.